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Thank you to all of our far traveling clients coming from Arkansas | Arizona | California | Georgia | Hawaii | Indiana | Kansas | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Missouri | New York | North Dakota | New Jersey | Ohio | Oklahoma | Ontario| Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Wisconsin | South Dakota | Montana

Expert Laser Tattoo Removal

Permanent Makeup tattoos such as eyeliner, eyebrows, microblading, lips and other random artwork, CAN be removed properly and safely with world leading expert removal artist Sherry Corvino of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Join the other clients who are flying in from all over the USA to have full removal OR even removal corrections with us.  We provide gentle and effective laser and non-laser techniques to remove ALL inks and colors including eyeliner tattoos, lip tattoos, freckle tattoos and small body artwork.  

…when the doctors started inquiring to me with questions on proper removal techniques, I knew we had a problem!  Sherry

Our exclusive Precision Laser Eyeliner service cannot be found anywhere else!  These groundbreaking techniques created by Sherry herself, can reshape and fix your current eyeliner or other tattoo mishaps. 

SherryHale LassertattooremovalAZ Sherry Hale

“Hi, I am Sherry. I have been a Permanent Makeup Artist since 2007, a laser technician since 2006, and a former NY state educator.  I have performed over 10,000+ procedures in my full-time career in this industry. I am doctor recommended by top facial plastic surgeons (who are my clients) and numerous other surgeons, physicians, and naturopaths.

Due to my extensive experience, I understand facial shape, proper ink placement and the various inks and pigments including their reactions to removal.  This knowledge is NOT taught by laser companies, leaving other providers less than educated in the proper manner to select the best method for removal.  With the wrong technician, this results in scarring, color changes and bad results. If you need my services, click the button at the top of the page, register at our HIPPA portal, and you will be able to send me pictures and talk to me privately. This is the best way for us to correspond as it preserves our conversation for when you decide to come in. If needed, you can also call the number at the top of the page, but kindly give me time to reply as I take all of my own calls.”

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It’s Required!

Your laser technician should have a robust background in tattoos, years of experience in removal and tattoos both, solid laser educational training before operating a laser on you and a solid knowledge of the law.  The technician or provider should also be licensed to operate in the state you are selecting and be operating under strict compliance and protocols.  Since laser services are considered a ‘medical treatment’ your provider should be using a proper HIPPA compliance scheduling and intake form software that protects your data and pictures.

What You Must Know About the Laser Industry

Laser companies are out to make a sale, and after the sale, they provide little to no training to the doctor purchasing the laser. Very seldom is the actual doctor involved in the training, leaving the technicians to do the work.  In fact, Sherry witnessed this firsthand!  During a 15-minute removal training, the trainer taught the new esthetician to do a removal where the trainer had the laser heat (Joules) at more than half its capacity!  This is just not necessary, and this is what causes scarring!  Luckily, this esthetician worked for Sherry and was properly trained afterwards.

What Your Technician Must Know

There are several brands of lasers that can be used to remove ink from the skin, but at the end of the day, it comes down to these important factors. What technology does the laser offer, can it be set manually for safe and effective removal, is it FDA approved, and what are the wave lengths it offers? Most importantly does the technician know how to effectively use it AND how long have they used it?

Here are some basic terms that your technician should know if you ask them:

⦁ Nano vs Pico – the speed of the beam pulse in the skin.
⦁ Wavelength – the color the light can see and absorb.
⦁ Joules – the energy (or heat) level parameter.
⦁ Hertz – the speed of the pulsation.
⦁ Titanium – the color white used to lighten pigments. It is undetectable to the untrained eye and will turn dark when lasered.
⦁ Spot size – this is the size of the beam spot and it should be adjustable from very small to large
⦁ Lens – what lenses are available for the laser to be able to customize the treatment.

An experienced laser technician understands these terms and should be able to choose the proper parameters manually and keep your skin safe from scarring.  They should also be able to identify the inks and what removal method is the safest pathway.

Factors that affect the removal efficacy are, how old is the tattoo, what colors are in the tattoo, what is the saturation level, was the skin scarred from the tattoo, has there been other removal methods attempted, is there scarring present from other removal methods, and any underlying medical conditions that might affect the treatment or healing.

Do Your Research

Sherry has witnessed non-licensed technicians advertise and provide unauthorized laser training. They are using equipment that has not been FDA approved (purchased from 3rd world countries) and those new technicians are now attempting removals! Unsuspecting technicians are being lured into these training courses and are being taken advantage of for money and greed. Where does that leave you the client? There are so many laws being broken in this scenario, it is scary!

Sherry has met many providers that are just not versed in their own state laws, nor do they know where to look.  Many have reached out to her for knowledge and guidance on getting compliant.

When you find a technician or provider that provides any kind of laser services, you must do your research and beware!   We can confidently make the claims stated above that your treatment at MANY other offices will be subpar, or worse, you could be permanently scarred! These are the many reasons that laser tattoo removal gets a bad rap.


Laser tattoo removal is a very safe and effective treatment for the removal of inks and pigments when done properly. Our clients come to us for excellent results, but they return to us for all these other reasons.

What Laser Should I Be Using

There are some very expensive brands offered at providers’ offices and clients are mistaken to think this is the “only laser” they should choose for their treatment. This is marketing and desensitizing at its best!  Laser treatments are NOT a “one laser fits all” service. 

The price tag of the laser generally means that it offers “one size fits all” parameter buttons, bigger cooling units, less maintenance, and will claim safety and ease of use, etc. The laser companies want to make the lasers look easy to use so the provider will buy it.

Sales pitch translation. “…With our expensive laser, you can feel at ease with your technicians being unsupervised.”

And with very little training from the laser company, the provider will never understand how to manually set the parameters. This is not good and not in your best interest!  

Once purchased, the provider will lure you to their office by advertising the brand of laser they use (it’s what the laser company told them in the sale).  The provider now believes they have a one size fits all solution and want you to choose them just because of the machine they offer to you.

“…It’s the expertise and experience of the technician to know your best course for removal, and it may even be another method.  Sherry.”

What is the Law on Laser Use

When you seek out laser services, you need to choose a provider that has properly vetted the laws.  If they haven’t, this can be a sign that your treatment will be cutting the same corners putting you at risk.

Some states require providers to have a medical license.  Some states require a medical provider to be available by phone.  Some states require the medical provider to be on site.  And some states have various regulations by the class of laser, or they limit to only offering laser hair removal.  Shockingly some states do not have written laws regarding laser use or the state completely disregards it!

Sherry is very well versed in compliance and understanding the laws for laser use, in fact, the medical directors she has worked with have been overly impressed at her documentation, protocols and methods for safety.   She has resided and operated lasers in Michigan, New York and now Arizona. All three states have very different regulations on laser use.

It has become big business to be a medical professional and offer “remote medical director services” to those in need. Providers with a medical license are jumping on this band wagon just to provide “medical director services” for a monthly fee. For this fee, they often have little to no work to really do but sign some eyewear books and help order medical grade products. Many do it for the extra cash without much knowledge of the requirements, their role, nor in helping the technician.

Having a superior medical director on your team will help you to ensure a successful treatment as it will at Beaute Solutions.

In translation, this means that a technician with access to a laser can sign on a remote medical director and provide these services to you!

Detailed Process of Eyeliner Removal

Customer makes a video of her experience!

Laser Tattoo Eyeliner Removal on Lisa

Chat and share photos privately at your HIPPA portal | by the picture here!

What our clients say

  • Sherry was amazing! I had a botched eyeliner job and she worked me through every detail of the removal. Although I was hesitant through the process, she was very patience with me and informative. The outcome was fantastic, and I would definitely recommend her services! Service: Eyeliners
    April Gomez
  • Took my wife to see Mrs. Sherry to have her eyeliners tattooed removal. Mrs. Sherry Hale is wonderful and amazing. She did an amazing job and a lot faster than I thought it would take to have it done. Highly recommend her to everybody.  
    Bob Dang
  • Was very nervous to get my eyeliner tattoo removed. Sherry was sweet & extremely gentle throughout the entire procedure which was quick & not as painful as I expected. Would definitely recommend!  
    Leana Martinez
  • If you are unhappy with your permanent eyeliner and want it off your face, Sherry is the one to trust in removing it. Mine was done many years ago and unfortunately not well done. Before travelling to see Sherry I did a lot of research about the safety an effectiveness of Laser removal around the eye area and based on all the information I was unsure about the level of success to expect in my case. I went ahead anyway because covering up the thick and irregular lines with a concealer were a daily ordeal for me. I am so happy to say that Sherry definitely underpromised and overdelivered. Feeling very grateful for her extraordinary expertise and for the immediate remarkable results!  
    Susan Friedmann
  • I live in Toronto and drove to Williamsville, N.Y. two days ago for my appointment with Sherry for my permanent eyeliner removal done 30 years ago. As I aged the lines started looking progressively worse, irregular and thicker on one side. My initial hope was to remove the lower lid lines. It was a daily chore to try to cover up with a concealer. I was not happy with the upper lines either, but it was easier to cover up with eyeshadows. I am extremely happy with the results which I was able to see immediately. Sherry removed both the upper and lower lines in one session, the results totally exceeded my expectations. The swelling is practically gone today, still a bit bruised but happy and healing!
    K. Greenwood
  • I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am that I stumbled upon this video made by Emily!

    And was able to communicate with Sherry. I was very hesitant because the thought of a laser coming so close to your eyeball is pretty darn scary. But after corresponding with Sherry for a day or so and submitting my photos - I decided to go ahead and book an appointment for tattoo eyeliner removal. I am from out of town so I flew into the Buffalo office the day of my appointment and stayed at a hotel near the airport. I decided to stay one night, but you don’t need to and can fly back home the same day if needed.

    As for the treatment, I was in and out in about 45 minutes. Once you arrive, Sherry will talk to you about what you want and also give you her advice/opinion. Then you get fitted for the corneal shields (they look scary, but it doesn’t hurt at all - feels like a little pressure, if anything). Then the procedure itself literally takes minutes.

    As for the pain, it wasn’t bad at all. It hurts, but it’s not unbearable by any means and so worth it. Let me put it this way, if you could sit through the eyeliner tattooing, then you can definitely handle this procedure. Once the procedure is done, you’ll apply an ice pack before you leave the office. It’s now been 24 hours post treatment and I have a little redness and very minor swelling. Incredibly happy with my results so far.

    Where do I start with Sherry? She is so professional and easy to communicate with via the portal. She made scheduling an appointment a breeze and was very accommodating since I am from out of town. She is so warm and welcoming and made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in the door, which helped calm my nerves. I highly recommend Sherry and encourage you to go see her if you need eyeliner removal done!

  • So I tried to get my brows done somewhere else (cheaper) and that was the biggest mistake of my life – they destroyed my face.  I went to Sherry for removal and she is beyond amazing and a life saver and she made me beautiful again.  The work she does is incredible.  Since I have recommended a few friends that barely had any brows and they were beyond happy.  What she does is amazing.  Thank you Sherry
    D. Deppa
  • Sherry was so awesome in accommodating me for my laser eyeliner removal.  She’s very knowledgeable and extremely skilled at what she does.  I knew from the beginning that I was in good hands. I am so glad I made the trip to see her and happy with my results.  It will definitely be coming back!  Thanks, Sherry!

    C. Coughlin


Beaute Solutions Arizona, Sherry Hale - Eyeliner and Brow Laser Tattoo Removal in Phoenix Arizona
Beaute Solutions Arizona, Sherry Hale - Eyeliner and Brow Laser Tattoo Removal in Phoenix Arizona

Meet your Expert
Sherry Corvino (Hale) CEO, BSIT, LC, CMLT, CPCP, LSO

 Sherry Corvino (Hale) is the CEO and founder of the SHALE Group, as well as being the motivating force behind numerous expansions in the beauty industry, including obtaining a patent. With over 30 combined years in the beauty and Cosmetic micropigmentation industry, her name has become synonymous with dedication, passion, and tenacity. Performing over 10,000 procedures and 15 years of constant dedication, she takes great pride in her work helping others. Sherry Corvino (Hale) is a leader in cosmetic tattoo artistry and resides in Scottsdale Arizona and is ready to provide you with 5-star customer service at Beaute Solutions.

Meet your Expert
Dr. Prince – NMD, BS, CLS

Dr. Ubong Attah Prince, NMD, CLS, is board-certified physician licensed in Arizona. Dr. Prince enjoys seeing patients of all ages and treats a variety of conditions. While her practice encompasses all aspects of family medicine, it emphasizes clinical aesthetics, medically supervised weight loss, and chronic disease management — including alternative pain treatments. She is passionate about patient education and allowing patients to be a key component in their own healing process.   Dr. Prince received her medical degree from Sonoran University in Tempe, Arizona, holds a degree in Health Information Management from St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a Certified Cosmetic Laser Director under the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Radiation Control.  She currently serves as Medical Director for multiple medical spas in the Phoenix area and is a contract physician at several valley-based healthcare facilities.   Prior to her medical training, she was a Celebrity Chef, feeding A-listers such as Russell Simmons, Emmitt Smith, and Terrell Owens. She is a Bloomberg BusinessWeek-recognized Top Entrepreneur, operating multiple successful businesses.  She’s also been featured in Yahoo! Finance and AOL Small Business for her endeavors.  When she is not seeing patients, Dr. Prince provides business consulting and personal finance coaching for those who want to establish good money habits and achieve financial independence. She also loves animals, travel, unleashing her creativity in art and design, and anything that involves food. 

Arizona office

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Detailed Process of Removal

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Customer makes a video of her experience!

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Laser removal of permanent makeup eyeliner

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Beaute Solutions is not the only one, but there are very few people that have truly mastered this art form. There are even fewer that wish to attempt it. It requires a huge amount of skill and a laser that is safe enough to use on that area of the eye.

The irony is that when performed by an experienced practitioner, it is far from dangerous.  It requires the correct eye protection, which means that we will need to insert titanium plates inside of the eye in order to protect the cornea.

No, this is one of the biggest misconceptions of the industry. We have seen migration shift nearly instantly. Migration can happen to anyone, even a very experienced permanent makeup artist and when it does it’s devastating for both the client and the technician. We can remove it provided the color used is black. Please don’t try to cover it up with camouflage colors, it will make matters much worse.

Yes, it does hurt. Laser eyeliner tattoo removal is an uncomfortable procedure although most people tell us it wasn’t as bad as they expected. It is very quick. Most of all, the results are worth it!

The main thing is that you can expect swelling for a few days. The area should be fully healed within a week. You may have bruising but the healing is very quick and if you consider the benefits, most people think it’s well worth it.

Every case is different and it depends on how much ink we need to remove. It varies from person to person but we would say minimum of three. We are able to use exact precision to keep eyeliner that you wish to remain in tact while removing the errors. Our goal may be to just fade the area enough to update the tattoo, or you may be looking for complete removal. You will be able to see visible results even from the first session.

No. However, the color can be bleached out. We do our best to push any brow hair to the side, but you can add pencil over them the next day if the surface skin was not disrupted. Your color will return to normal.

Corneal Protectors

Using lasers in the eye area requires protection to the cornea and the only way to achieve this is by using Ocular Shields.  These are placed inside the eye to protect your eyesight.

Ocular shields are surprisingly comfortable once inserted and we use topical anesthetics to ease the discomfort of the laser procedure.

Swelling and bruising are common side effects to this procedure, however proper icing and care by the client can dramatically reduce any downtime.  You can expect to have a week of bruising if it does occur and can be covered using concealer in a couple of days.

The fact is that tattooed eyeliner and migration CAN be corrected.  It is a highly skilled and uncomfortable procedure that can take several procedures for complete results depending on the saturation levels of the ink.

New Brow Tattoo - Bladeless Hairstroke Reveal

Thank you to all of our far traveling clients coming from Arkansas | Arizona | California | Georgia | Hawaii | Indiana | Kansas | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Missouri | New York | North Dakota | New Jersey | Ohio | Oklahoma | Ontario| Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Wisconsin | South Dakota | Montana